Bootcamp – 151115

We may run out of places but we’re gonna play hide the poopface on a weekly basis…


Thanks to everyone who came in and participated in their monthly FMS.  We found out some important things.

We will continue this every week for those that sign up for that particular week.

In the meantime, we didn’t get any correctives done with this weekend’s FMS group so I will be sending your results to you and we will attack the correctives a little differently.  Also, this will dictate what we do during workouts as well.

Remember, the goal here is to improve movement patterns, increase performance, and decrease the likelihood of injury.

See you for a good week!



Tabata (8 rounds of each)

Ring Rows



4min Rest


Tabata Calories on the Rower


Let’s have a good week and we’re gonna end it with a Stink n Drink!