CrossFit WOD- 181105

Today is a lot of ups and downs with jumping, sitting, burpees and pull-ups… focus on your win.


12min clock:



Then with remaining time:

Burpee Pullups

**Two scores: Time on “Annie” and Reps on BPU


Optional Buy Out
“ScapJacked v2”

3 Rds not for time
20 Crossover Snow Angels
10 Crossover ATYT
*rest as needed


*”Annie” is not a cardio workout. It is a muscular stamina and a skill workout. As such, the level of intensity is low enough to maintain focus on skills. And while we are doing sit-ups, we are not spot reducing fat stores.

*The remaining time of burpee pulls ups IS a chance to violently increase intensity and improve the high output conditioning side which does mean growth hormone, testosterone, and lipolysis.