Athlete Spotlight – Aug. 2015

I know this picture is of Tom Selleck.  I know, I know.  I’m going to change it but Tony said to find a picture of Tom Selleck and use that… Name: Tony B Hometown: Omaha, NE (born in Riverside, CA)… Read more »

For you…

What do I mean, “for you?”  Welp, better health and better results don’t hurt, huh?   SFH.  Stronger.  Faster.  Healthier. Seems to make sense… What have we got for you? Pure Whey Protein?  Yes. Omega-3 Oil with an added 1000IU’s… Read more »

CrossFit Changed My Life (pt 3)…

“…I realized that I was proud of myself and that I SHOULD BE proud of myself!”   We have been fortunate in that the people we work with have completely immerse themselves in the lifestyle.  Due to this, they have seen… Read more »

“I feel like I’ve just started my life…”

CrossFit changed my life (pt 2)…   Check this out to hear about how big of an impact the power of community and the power of CrossFit training has for this woman.   Ask yourself if there’s something that you want… Read more »