Workout of the Day


Strength/MetCon 21-15-9 DL (185/130) Bar Facing Burpee *50 DUs after every round DL = 21 (1:30), 15 (1:00), 9 (:30) BFB = 21 (2:00), 15 (1:30), 9 (1:00) DU = 1:00 *Retest from 6/6/18 & 9/21/18 Optional Buy Out “International… Read more »


Word of the day is….strict Strength 3 Sets (IGYG) 20ea Unbroken Bulgarian SS (AHAP) Then 3 Sets (IGYG) ME Strict Pullup ME Strict Ring Dip Then 21’s (IGYG) Strict Knee/Leg Raises *Score in 1st part = weight; score in 2nd… Read more »


It’s gonna be a “snatch”tastic day my friends! Strength/MetCon Death By PSn (115/80) OHS (115/80) *1ea, 2ea, 3ea, until time out *Cannot SqSn last PSn to first OHS Optional Buy Out “Dat Plank Doe”


WED-nesday is always a good day for some booty gains! #lunge #everythreeminutes   Cardio For Time 200/140 Cal Bike *E3MOM = Ascending ladder of strict pullups & goblet reverse lunges (35/25) *Can be KB/DB *Start at 1ea, then 2 ea,… Read more »


MMA Fighter BJ Penn, literally said, it was like a fight gone bad…..   MetCon/Cardio “FGB” 3 RFR WB (20/14) SDHP (75/55) BoxJ (20”) PushP (75/55) Cal Row Rest *1min/station *Track total completed reps Optional Buy Out “Push Pull”