Workout of the Day


100% chance of EPOC in today’s forecast   MetCon/Cardio 12min Clock ME Bike* ME SA DB C&J (50/35) *2 scores = miles on bike; total # of C&Js *It is up to you how you break things up, when you… Read more »


Its like a genuine “Bro Sesh”  benchmark WOD Strength “Lynne” 5 RFR Bench Press (BW) Strict Pullups *Can be floor press IF necessary *Rest as needed *As soon as the bench is done move IMMEDIATELY to pullups Optional BuyOut “Bodybuilding”


Let’s do all the things on a Monday 🙂 Strength/MetCon For Time 100 DUs 20 HSPU 30 DL (155/110) 40 WB (20/14) 50 Pullups 40 WB (20/14) 30 DL (155/110) 20 HSPU 100 DUs DU = 1:30, HSPU = 1:30,… Read more »


But wait there’s more….. MetCon/Cardio For Total Time 21-15-9 Th (95/65) C2B Then, 21-15-9 PCl (95/65) Ring Dip Then, 800m Sled Drag* *MM = 3×45’s *FF = 2×45’s *MF = 2×45’s (M need to bring 3rd 45 with to stack… Read more »