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CrossFit @ Home – 160327

Have a great day with your family and friends! Happy Easter and we’ll be back to CrossFit tomorrow!   At Home Skill Day – spend some time, today, working on something you need to, or want to, work on.  … Read more »

CrossFit WOD – 160313

Have fun today and see you tomorrow!   At Home Tabata = :20 on / :10 off for a total of 8 rounds (4 minutes of working time, in total) So… Tabata Run 4min Rest Tabata Pushup 4min Rest Tabata… Read more »

CrossFit @ Home – 160207

Do you miss the warm weather?   Your last chance to try Iron Hero CrossFit for free is tomorrow (Monday, 2/8) all day. This is because of the snow day we had on Tuesday of last week.   You’re not… Read more »

Let’s Play – 151108

Captain Poop Face says let’s have some fun today!  Not everyday needs to be hard training…   Remember, IHCF Family: This Saturday marks the start of the 7:30am time slot that we are doing our Functional Movement Screenings.  Each athlete… Read more »

R&R – 150913 @ Home

Though it’s not on this pyramid, recovery & regeneration should be somewhere…   …and you shouldn’t neglect it. People don’t necessarily overtrain because they workout too much (you can, you just have to work really hard at it). People overtrain… Read more »

Ladder @ Home – 150816

Gettin’ some sit-ups during “Annie” a couple weeks ago!  Way to get work done, you three!   If you take Sundays off from working out, make sure you devote some time to some sort of activity OR some form of mobility/stability/corrective… Read more »

@ Home – 150809

Yes, yes it is.   Remember to take a second and just shut off. You’ve got all these stressors in your body is dealing with (exercise, work, nutritional, sleep [or lack thereof], environmental, etc.) and your body needs some down… Read more »