CrossFit WOD- 171114

Today is day two of our week of benchmark WODs. The WOD is petting Gracie for time. Okay, not really. Bring your lifters, it’s “Grace” time.   “Grace” 30 C&J (135/95) *6min cap Buy out 50 T2B   “Push yourself… Read more »

CrossFit WOD – 160829

Britt is strong with the squats.  Good thing, since we’re using them today, huh?   Remember: September 3rd, from 8am (lasting a couple of hours), we will be doing our Challenge Finals.  Bring your “A” game, your appetite, and your… Read more »

“Angie” – 151228

Another snow day, perhaps?   We will plan on being here [at least] in the morning. If things get really bad, we may cancel classes during the second half of the day. Keep an eye out on all social media… Read more »

Better late than never – 151021

A little shot of the 5:30am class, today, knocking out “Diane!”   We had a post about the mental game yesterday, and how that should actually be the 11th General Physical Skill (it’s not physical, I get it). Well, another… Read more »

“Cindy” – 150823

’nuff said.   “Cindy” was my very first CrossFit workout.  It was my introduction into the feeling of needing to lie down so I didn’t pass out. Thankfully I came back to it and did it again and didn’t want to… Read more »

080115 – “Karen”

Don’t forget:  after a workout like this (or any workout, really), you need to work on improving your movement.  Get your mobility/stability work done.   Whew! This is the last Benchmark workout this week.  Been an interesting week, huh? This… Read more »

073015 – “Fran” is a 4 letter word…

…that 4 letter word?  It’s not what you think.  Or maybe it is.   Hey!  Guess what?  Our FREE MOBILITY SEMINAR is coming up a week from tomorrow. Yes.  Work on those movement issues, potentially give yourself some relief from… Read more »

072915 – “Diane”

Sweet shoes for some good ol’ fashioned kettlebell deadlifts!   If I was stuck somewhere, could only do one exercise for the rest of my life, and had only one piece of equipment to work with, it’d be a kettlebell and… Read more »