Bootcamp -151220

Sometimes, we miss the warmer weather, huh?   Get ready for Christmas! Reminder of upcoming Holiday Hours:   Wednesday, December 23rd:  normal hours Thursday, December 24th:  5:30am, 9am, and noon (no evening classes) Friday, December 25th:  closed Saturday, December 26th:… Read more »

Bootcamp & Thank You! – 151213

Can you spot the poop face mask anywhere in this picture?  Notice the Squatty Potty?  Thanks, Jim!   Yesterday was a blast thanks to everyone who came out and had some fun! There may or may not have been some… Read more »

Bootcamp – 151129

I think Iron Hero CrossFit is getting too strong… We’re running out of plates… #StrongProblems   It’s time to get back on the band wagon.  Or in our case, back on the 80% of the 80/20 rule. Remember?  We accommodate… Read more »

Bootcamp – 151115

We may run out of places but we’re gonna play hide the poopface on a weekly basis…   Thanks to everyone who came in and participated in their monthly FMS.  We found out some important things. We will continue this… Read more »

Let’s Play – 151108

Captain Poop Face says let’s have some fun today!  Not everyday needs to be hard training…   Remember, IHCF Family: This Saturday marks the start of the 7:30am time slot that we are doing our Functional Movement Screenings.  Each athlete… Read more »

Bootcamp! – 151004

IHCF Athlete’s getting their 3000m row on.  It was rough, but we all got it done!   If you forgot, well… …you can participate in bootcamp at IHCF on Sundays at noon. No cost. Fun time. Great workout.   See… Read more »

@ Home – 150920

Let’s cover some distance by using some lunges…   We’ve had a couple of requests for this particular workout.  It’s been a couple of months but here it is. AAAAAND… we usually don’t do the @ Home WOD during bootcamp… Read more »

New stuff!

As promised…   We’ve started adding some additional resources for you to the webpage: The beginnings of a nutrition section A dictionary of CrossFit terms if you find that you look at a workout and think “uhh… what…” A Member Login… Read more »