CrossFit WOD- 181005

Julie out for a ride…   Cardio 2min AAB (A&L) 2min AAB (A) 2min AAB (A&L) 2min AAB (L) *Score= Calories Optional Buy Out “BodyBuilding” 3×12 DB Bicep Curls DB Lying Tricep Extensions   I will love the light for… Read more »

CrossFit WOD – 170308

Being fit and strong is not a bad thing.  We are grooming that here!   BB Bulgarian Split Squats ME Strict Pullups *Score = Weight on BSS   MetCon 8min ME Row *Score = Distance   Who doesn’t want a… Read more »

Mile-r – 150919

This is not the goal of today.  Move and move well, is all.   Today is IHCF’s Bring-a-Buddy Day! So, IHCF Athlete:  bring in a friend who has been needing a change or who was looking at what CrossFit is…. Read more »