Get comfy in the bottom of the squat, its good for you!   Strength E2MOM x 10 Squat Snatch + 5sec Pause OHS *Ascending in weight *Focus is bottom position and getting comfy with that *Retest from 11/9/18 Optional BuyOut… Read more »


Rowing with friends is better than not rowing with friends. Cardio 5k Partner Row* *Can choose to row 250m or 500m at a time *Post Open WOD 19.1 *Every rope climb completed = -10sec from time Optional BuyOut “The Finisher”


Just remember last week when we all said “that’s it?” when the assault bike was involved.   Cardio 8 Rounds 30sec Mod Bike 15sec Slow Bike 15sec Fast Bike 2min Rest *Score = total calories completed Optional BuyOut “Evil Bear”