CrossFit WOD- 180407

Nick and Scott pushing each other through the rowing and floor presses on Thursday.   6 RFT 21 American Swings (24/16) 15/11 Cal Row 9 Wall walks **wall walk= 5 alt shoulder taps   “It is never too late to… Read more »

CrossFit WOD- 170414

Helen wants to know, who is your favorite girl?   “Helen”   3RFT 400m Run 21 American Swings (24/16) 12 Pullups   *17 min cap   Reminder no 10 am class this Saturday (4/15/17) due to PRC test out. Even if you’re not… Read more »

CrossFit Partner WOD – 170317

Congrats to everyone who went ahead and got their first, and several more, Rx handstand pushups!   Partner BB 150 Total Goblet or DB Front Squats *Record Time   MetCon 15min AMRAP 50 Russian Swings (24/16) 30 Burpees 10 Pullups… Read more »

CrossFit WOD – 161216

Joe mid-WOD for “Murph” with the weighted vest.  That was a great day!   Strength/Skill 15-20min to Find a 5RM (each leg) Barbell Front Rack Reverse Lunge *Lifting from the ground   Skill Pick something and work on it.  If… Read more »

CrossFit WOD – 160916

Welp, ain’t nothing to it but to do it…   Strength/Skill   15-20min to Find 5RM Thruster *Bar must be cleaned from the floor   Buy Out Accumulate 3min total in an RKC plank *What is that?  Well, I guess… Read more »

CrossFit WOD – 160303

This is not the aftermath of a WOD, this is the other side of the fight or flight coin:  recovery and regeneration.   MetCon 3 Rounds for Reps 0:00-2:00 200m Run* Max KB Deadlifts (24/16) 2:01-3:00 Max Pullups (Kip/Jump/Band) 3:01-4:00 Max… Read more »

CrossFit WOD – 160221

A kettlebell and a jump rope and you’ve got yourself a smoking training session that’s about to happen.L   At Home 12min AMRAP 100 DU’s 100 Swings/Deadlifts   *You pick your weight if you’ve got dumbbells or kettlebells *If you don’t… Read more »

CrossFit WOD – 160218

Chong locking out a deadlift.  Oh yeah!   Skill KB – 2 Arm Swings, 1 Arm Swing, Cleans   MetCon 5min AMRAP 6 Wall Balls (20/14) 7 Pullups   This WOD was last completed on 11/10/15 (151110).

Easy Gleason WOD – 151217

One piece of the team at The Trio a week or so ago.  Don’t forget to test yourself, periodically.   Everything in CrossFit is observable and repeatable (measure and remeasure). You could fit everything that we measure on a continuum… Read more »

Big Butts & Get Ups – 151203

Getting through the row was just the start of the day…   Why the Turkish Get Up? Let me answer your question with a question:  why NOT the Turkish Get Up? Strength building?  Yes Good combination of mobility and stability?… Read more »