CrossFit WOD – 160313

Have fun today and see you tomorrow!   At Home Tabata = :20 on / :10 off for a total of 8 rounds (4 minutes of working time, in total) So… Tabata Run 4min Rest Tabata Pushup 4min Rest Tabata… Read more »

1RM Front Squat – 160104

Let’s get to rowing and squatting!   This day was last done on October 19, 2015   Strength/Skill 15min to Find 1RM Front Squat   MetCon Tabata Row *Score is total calories

Bootcamp -151220

Sometimes, we miss the warmer weather, huh?   Get ready for Christmas! Reminder of upcoming Holiday Hours:   Wednesday, December 23rd:  normal hours Thursday, December 24th:  5:30am, 9am, and noon (no evening classes) Friday, December 25th:  closed Saturday, December 26th:… Read more »

Bootcamp – 151115

We may run out of places but we’re gonna play hide the poopface on a weekly basis…   Thanks to everyone who came in and participated in their monthly FMS.  We found out some important things. We will continue this… Read more »

Max Day – 151019

One of the many things we did on our Vala’s bonfire adventure!   We’re coming up on the last few 1RM’s for the month. So, why all the testing? This is our chance to see where we stand AND since… Read more »

070515 – @ Home (*cough* “I think got the black lung, pop…”)

Don’t forget about post workout mobility and stability work, like these guys.  You want to move better, you gotta work on it, right Jon?   ***Grand Opening Celebration for Iron Hero CrossFit brought to you by Evolve Paleo Chef and… Read more »