wall walks

CrossFit WOD- 180407

Nick and Scott pushing each other through the rowing and floor presses on Thursday.   6 RFT 21 American Swings (24/16) 15/11 Cal Row 9 Wall walks **wall walk= 5 alt shoulder taps   “It is never too late to… Read more »

12 Days of X-Mas – 151223

Brittany doing lots and lots and lots of cleans…   You’re not going to want to miss this one, guys!   Also, today (12/24/2015) is THE LAST DAY to get your 50% off Gift Cards to Iron Hero CrossFit.  … Read more »

Ring Row Away – 151124

Post-FMS Thrusters from this last Saturday.  Squats on squats on squats.  Right, guys?     With Thanksgiving coming up, it’s a short week for most AND that means food is coming! This is why we train and abide by the… Read more »

Moon walk, wall walk. Whatever – 150806

Lisa, Chong, Virginia, and Jen enjoying some wall walks.  Aaaaaand they’re back!   Want to improve your rope climbing endurance?  Feel like your arms give out before anything else does? Take a snapshot of how you’re doing your rope climbs…. Read more »

072215 – Mark up the walls

Jon displaying a rocking front rack position.  Good job, buddy!   No, seriously.  His shoulders and chest have created a shelf that the bar can rest on. This particular position is good for front squats.  All he’d have to change… Read more »