10 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Fitness Fanatic

It’s that time of year for holiday gift ideas… you’ve got your resident fitness fanatic in the family and you’re not sure what to get for them.  Anybody who has done CrossFit for any length of time has probably developed a pension for improving themselves in many aspects.

It’s why they started in the first place.

What gifts would be good to support them in their pursuit of self-improvement?

1. A Healthy Cookbook

As nutrition is the basis for all things weight loss, body fat loss, muscle gain, and health improving; a healthy cookbook is a great way to go!

You’ve likely heard buzzwords like:  paleo, keto, intermittent fasting, macros, gluten free, and so on.  Here’s what to keep in mind when selecting a cookbook:

  1. It should reflective of their abilities in the kitchen
  2. It shouldn’t require a laundry list of additional kitchen equipment and appliances
  3. Specific dietary requirements – if you don’t know, just ask
  4. Variety in recipes
  5. And their goals

When in doubt, ask some questions or reach out to their trainer or coach.

2. A Quality Protein Powder

It goes without saying that there are some really great protein powders on the market as well as protein powders which barely qualify as protein powders.  The supplement industry is not FDA regulated, as you know.  Regardless, everyone needs to be able to support their lifestyle with protein intake and a quality protein powder can help support.

Our favorite?  Thorne!

  • Whey Protein
    • You can find that HERE
  • Vegan Protein
    • If your fitness fanatic cannot consume whey, this is a great option
    • You can find that HERE

You can also do some sneaking around and find something they’re already using.  Don’t be creepy about it, though…

3. Electrolytes

You probably aren’t surprised that people sweat when they workout.  You’re also not surprised that it is important to stay hydrated.  What you may not know is that adding a little bit of salt to the mix is helpful for health and performance but adding some flavor can also increase water intake.

A great option for this is something called LMNT.  Why?  LMNT contains the electrolytes your body looks for after a lot of sweating without [I say again, without] the sugars!

These guys have a laundry list of flavors.  You never know, you might even want to try a packet for yourself!

4. New Shoes

Everything up to this point is the behind the scenes work.  This…?

Well, show me a fitness fanatic and I’ll show you someone who has very specific tastes in their workout shoes.  Just take a look at the shoes they wear on a regular basis and you’ll probably see a pattern of one, maybe two, brands of shoes.

Some good ones for training?

5. A Jump Rope

A lot of gyms will have ‘community’ jump ropes.  These ropes are cheap and are cut to whatever length they are cut to.  And if you can imagine, jump rope length matters to most effectively get your training in.

While jump rope cost is all over the board, having a jump rope cut to your height is vital.

You can head to Rogue Fitness and find some decent ropes for a decent price.  You can head to RPMTraining or RxSmartGear and find something more expensive.  You can even custom design your ropes with the latter two.  Find out what colors your fitness fanatic loves and build that out!

6. A Whoop Band

While the wearable fitness tracker industry is a bit saturated, one that stands out for me is the Whoop Band.

  • Track your workload for the day and not just your workout
  • Track your sleep and sleep quality
  • Track your improvements in fitness
  • Based on these, and several other metrics, Whoop gives you insight and recommendations on how to approach your training and recovery to maximize your results

To top it all off, the Whoop is a great way to maintain discipline and accountability:  two of the more important things when excuses come knocking!

Plus it comes in lots of different colors!  So, that’s cool.

7. Massage

Self-care is one of those things everyone neglects.  Did I say everyone?  I mean everyone?

A massage is a great way to help any fitness fanatic to recover, improve their fitness performance, mitigate injury, and take some much needed ‘me time.’  There is nothing quite like walking out of a quality massage session feeling like a million bucks!

Good news?  It doesn’t actually cost a million bucks.

8. A Foam Roller

If a massage is on the Mercedes Benz or BMW side of self-care, the foam roller is the everyday driver.

It’s reliable, it’s simple, there’s a low barrier to entry, and it works.  While a massage is amazing, it is usually not feasible to get it done each and every day.  The foam roller is a good maintenance tool between massages to continue self-care and maintenance.

Looking for a daily way to improve durability, recover, and take that much needed ‘me time?’

9. A Gym Bag

Ok, so you’ve got a foam roller, you’ve got workout shoes, you’ve got workout clothes, you’ve got your protein, and LMNT.  You’re going to need a way to carry all that stuff!

Believe it or not, a quality gym bag not only houses everything in a neat ‘one stop shop,’ it also improves that discipline and accountability thing we’ve already talked about.  Having everything ready the day before, in one spot, is immensely helpful in removing any of those pesky excuses.

You’d be surprised how many people just manually carry things into the gym without the bag…

10. Personal Training Session(s)

A personal training session (or sessions) is a great gift for your fitness enthusiast.  A personal trainer helps in a multitude of ways.  Not the least of which are:

  • Opening new worlds of possibilities in challenging movements and routines to facilitate results
  • Helping setting realistic goals and a great path to get there
  • Being able to adjust if the path is not working exactly how they want
  • Creating a whole new form of accountability as they are waiting [specifically] for you!

If you are looking at helping your fitness enthusiast really get results, getting them a personal trainer can be a really great path.  To set up a chat with one of our amazing trainers, click HERE.


Hopefully you found this helpful!

If you’re not in this world, it can seem impossible [and probably strange] to understand what to get for your resident fitness enthusiast.  Whether they are brand new to exercise and nutrition or they’ve been at it for years, any of these 10 things would be a great addition on their path to a healthier and fitter self!For any other questions, comment here or send me an email at [email protected].

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