Black Friday Deals [and beyond…]

Don’t miss out on your chance to get involved and get some slammin’ Black Friday Deals from IHCF!


  1. 50% off IHCF Gift Cards
    1. So, pay $64 for $129 gift cards useable for 1v1 Personal Training or 1 month of CrossFit classes
    2. Max of 2 per person
    3. IHCF Athlete’s can purchase them as well (ask for details)
  2. Tank Tops & Shirts from IHCF
    1. 2 for $30
    2. That’s 25% off!
  3. 24 Cans of FitAid for $60
    1. 17% off?  You betcha!


There is a possibility of having some IHCF leggings, booty shorts, and men’s shorts (not saying men can’t wear booty shorts.  Well, maybe…) before the deal is done and if so, there’ll be a sale for those too!


Give (or Take) the Gift of Fitness!



If things need to be shipped (if you purchase from out of town), you must cover shipping.