Discipline > Motivation

Discipline > Motivation



How’s that discipline working out for you?  You should notice making the decision to do something is less stressful as your discipline gets you up and going.  Bottom line is nobody is going to do it for you so let it carry you.


What do I do if discipline starts to become a challenge?


I head on over to a town called “make the decision before I need to make the decision.”


This means I make the decision to train before it’s time to train, I looked ahead and decided what I was going to eat before we got to the restaurant, or I set my gym bag in my car the night before so I don’t have to decide if I want to go or not.


By the way, make sure everything is in your gym bag the night before.  Don’t just put your gym bag in the car empty.


I’ve done that.  It’s silly.




Human beings only have a certain capacity for making decisions under stress.  Decisions, while we’re maxed out on stress are typically very poor decisions.  Think about how easy it was to skip something when you had a hard day.


I know, right?


Once you realize you have your bag in you car, you know you don’t need to go home before going to the gym; once you’ve made the decision on what to eat before you even got to the restaurant, you know there’s not going to be a discussion on what sounds good; and once you’ve made the choice to train, it’s going to happen.


Make these decisions ahead of time [before they become urgent decisions] and you will free your mind up for other important things.  Why NOT take something off your plate which doesn’t need to be there?


So yes, get your stuff ready ahead of time, decide on dinner before it’s dinner time, choose your response before you NEED to choose your response.  You will be better for it!