3 Obstacles to Starting Personal Training

Your main goal is to get healthy, fit, and to be able to do what you want to do when you want to do it.  Personal Training is an amazing means of getting there!

When I say ‘Personal Training,’ what are some of the first things that come to your mind?

  • “It’s so expensive.” – Financial Concerns
  • “I simply don’t have the time to do that right now.” – Time Constraints
  • “I am in terrible shape.  It wouldn’t be worthwhile for me to do this until I prove to myself I can do it.” – Intimidation & Fear

I get it, and I’d be lying if I said that these aren’t legitimate concerns.  Would you be surprised to hear that we get these on a regular basis?

What I can tell you is that Personal Training is such an amazing vehicle to get you to your goals.  Let’s examine these obstacles a little more closely:

1 – Intimidation & Fear

When I first started as a Personal Trainer, I was surprised how much I heard something to the effect of, “It wouldn’t be worthwhile for me to do this until I prove to myself I can do it.”  Or, “I need to get in shape to work with you.”

Being intimidated to start a new program with a complete stranger is real.  The fear in being unsure whether you’ll be able to execute on what you’re setting out to do is very real.  It’s also not a stretch to think that you might be worried you’ll be judged by other people based on how unfit or overweight you are.

The only time I’ve seen this to be true is if you happen to stumble upon a gym with that as a culture.  Any gym, or Personal Trainer, worth their salt knows these things are going through your head.  This is why the best ones are empathetic, understanding, and communicate well.

In Truth…

What you are feeling is normal.  What you’re feeling is the same thing that pretty much everybody else is feeling.

Firstly, you do not need to be fit to start.  In fact, it would be better if you didn’t have any bad exercise habits to break.  In fact, I could argue that we want you fresh-faced like that!

Secondly, at Iron Hero CrossFit, we start you with a No Sweat Intro.  This means we start with a conversation to understand where you’re coming from, what you want to accomplish, and what is the best way we can help you.  And you’re not going to sweat in front of us upon first meeting us!

Thirdly, we have a CSM as a part of our amazing staff.  Our CSM, or Client Success Manager, is here to be a life line if you need it.  Have questions?  Reach out to our CSM.  Have concerns?  Reach out to our CSM.  Have something you’re excited about?  Guess what, reach out to our CSM!

Personal Training Client Story

“My experience as a Personal Training client has been very positive.  I’m a past mid-60’s guy who has never worked out regularly for any length of time.  One of the problems I have always had is that I don’t know what to do when I get to the gym.  I don’t like group classes because I try to keep up and then I’m in pain for days, so I don’t continue to go.

I wanted to do something that worked into my schedule, that didn’t hurt me, and that I could develop a pattern of consistency.  I needed individual help.  I received all of that and my focus on my health has vastly improved and I believe I’m healthier for it.”
– Steven M

2 – Time Constraints

You are busy.  There is no doubt about that.  The thought of adding something else to your schedule, even if it is for you, seems impossible.

…Work, a second job, kids activities, keeping the house in order, participating in your own hobbies, your significant other, and probably several other things I don’t know about!

“Do I really have time to do this?!”

Let me answer your question with a question, “is it really a ‘having time’ thing?  Or is it a ‘making time’ thing?”

In Truth…

Your first step, because I like action steps, is to acknowledge that you are busy.  Very busy.  The ‘perfect time’ you’re waiting for to be able to focus on yourself will likely never happen.

This is both a great thing and a horrible thing all at the same time.  It’s horrible, because it seems impossible to start.  It’s great because you don’t have to wait to start something;  you can focus on you starting today!

  • Cannot make it to a regular class?
    • Your Personal Trainer can schedule around your schedule!
  • Unsure on what is the most efficient way of accomplishing your goals?
    • We’ve been there and we’ve done it before!  We’ll help you drop off the “fluff.”
  • Once something has been integrated into your routine, you can keep going!

Personal Training Client Story

“Since starting Personal Training, I’ve gained a deeper knowledge regarding body mechanics and techniques to prevent injury.  I’ve noticed a huge difference in my abilities and rarely have knee pain that would have normally hindered my WoDs.  I look forward to seeing how much further I progress and I highly recommend it!”
– Rio L

3 – Financial Concerns

Is Personal Training really expensive?

Do I need to commit for a year or two regardless of whether or not I like it?

The real question you need to be asking yourself is, “is there value in personal training for me?”

In Truth…

It is hard to quantify the value of what Personal Training provides because it takes on a different form for different people.  So what are your value considerations?

  • The Measurables
    • Body fat changes, weight changes, muscle changes, waist/hip circumference changes, improvements in strength, improvements in blood pressure and cholesterol, improvements in fasting blood sugar, risk of cardiovascular disease or diabetes
    • We measure and then remeasure to be able to show you that what you’re doing is really working – and if it isn’t, we can fix it!
  • Quality of Life
    • These are a little bit less measurable but if I said to you, “what if you could do all the things you wanted to do without the worry of whether or not you were physically capable?”
    • What’s the price tag on that?!
  • Wants vs Needs
    • Your Personal Trainer should be taking into consideration your goals, your fitness level, your interests, what you’re good at, what you’re bad at, and so on
    • This can’t be entirely what you want.  This also can’t be entirely what you need.  You need to ride that line!
  • Success Stories
    • Check out our yet another client story below

Personal Training Client Story

“I was apprehensive [about starting at Iron Hero].  I started at the beginning of May.  Between the beginning of May until now, I turned 70 years old and am in better shape than I have ever been in my life.  My golfers/tennis elbow is gone, my chubby tummy is toned, my knees no longer hurt, and the swelling has gone down.

My blood pressure has improved and my doctor says keep it up.  I laugh at how I used to workout with 2lbs weights when I carry a 24-pack of bottled water into my house with no effort, now.

I highly recommend Iron Hero if you are looking for a gym with a professional, knowledgeable, and experienced trainer.  They are the best!”
– Ginger C

I Guess What I’m Saying Is…

We have clients who love group classes and would not have it any other way.

We also have personal training clients who would never step foot into a group class… like, ever.

Just know that at Iron Hero, our main goal is to get you to yours.  Personal Training just so happens to be the more efficient vehicle, in my opinion.

And now?  Well, you can no longer cite being a beginner as to why you wouldn’t start!

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