One of the Best Weight Loss Techniques (And It’s Free)

One of the Best Weight Loss Techniques (And It’s Free)

In the age of “signup for this,” and “download that,” it’s harder to come by things [which legitimately work] for free. And while what I’m about to propose is simple [AND FREE], it’s not easy:

Sleep More

If you don’t want anymore details than this and just want to go for it, don’t read on. If you want a basic level of understanding (which is my level of understanding), let’s venture on!

It’s All About Sex… Hormones

These days most people are familiar with cortisol (your stress hormone). You’re also probably familiar with your sex hormones (testosterone and estrogen). Did you know these two (stress hormones and sex hormones) are both designed to deal with stressors and work inversely from each other.

So, if you’re stress hormone dominant you’ll probably struggle producing sex hormones in adequate supply. If they’re operating in a healthy relationship with each other, they’ll both work (but at different levels at different times).

Why does this matter?

Just like you can train yourself to be strong, or run fast, or jump high, you can train which pathway is going to be your dominant pathway:

  • If you’re dominant pathway is cortisol, you’ll probably hold fat in places you don’t want to hold it and you’ll probably struggle to lose weight and gain muscle
  • If you’re sex hormones function as they should, you’ll probably have an easier time changing your body composition, getting stronger, getting fitter, and having more energy

Sleep and Stress

The simple means to moving toward healthier sex hormone function AND losing weight is to sleep more.

7 to 8 hours is good as more than that is not always better BUT getting adequate sleep let’s your adrenals rest and recover for the next day. Don’t be shy about going to bed a little sooner [if you can] and getting up well rested because of it.

A simple plan is to set a goal time, get ready before that goal time, and only jump into bed WHEN it’s time to sleep and not before.

Sleep your way to weight loss!

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