Coming soon…

I have been racking my brain for something I can give you guys…   …this is what came leaking out of my brain:  I am going to provide with you with something you can do at home, weekly.  Now, this something could be a workout challenge you could do at home,

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Don’t be that guy (or girl)…

Bootcamp is at Iron Hero CrossFit tomorrow!   Do not go to Meadow Lane Park! It looks like it’s going to rain when we would be at the park! Don’t go there…   …did I say don’t go there?   Go to 723 N 114th St, 68154. It’ll be inside at

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Be The Hero…

Be The Hero… by Joe Rogan   Well, it boils down to putting it on paper.  Tell someone, or tell no one but whatever you do, write it down and go for it.   By the way, see you guys at bootcamp tomorrow at noon!

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Strength After 40

Can you build strength after 40 years old? Getting weaker as you get older is an option but how can you improve?


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