One of the Best Weight Loss Techniques (And It’s Free)

One of the Best Weight Loss Techniques (And It’s Free) In the age of “signup for this,” and “download that,” it’s harder to come by things [which legitimately work] for free. And while what I’m about to propose is simple… Read more »

Good Today. Perfect Tomorrow.

Good Today.  Perfect Tomorrow Raise your hand if you’re a perfectionist. Yes, you.  I can see you back there waiting for other people to raise their hands. My hands up too, by the way. Well, call it a recovering perfectionist. … Read more »

Don’t Call It A Comeback [to Training]

Don’t Call It A Comeback [to Training] Let’s face it, we’ve all taken some time off of training before.  Purposely.  Or maybe not so much.  When it IS time to come back, you know you’ll be facing a potential level… Read more »

Should I Go “All In?”

Should I Go “All In” On My Nutrition? You’re tired of being over-tired. You’re sick of being sick.  At the very least, you’re sick of not feeling like you. Your clothes don’t fit the way you want. That’s it!  You’ve… Read more »

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Everything is Everything

Everything is Everything Do you remember back in grade school when you used to get Gold Stars?  When you’d get high fives?  When you would be named the teacher’s assistant (thought I was going to say pet, didn’t you?)?  When… Read more »


Deadlifts…the king and queen of lifts and also booty gainz! Strength 6x(1min on/1min off) 5 Deadlift (75-80%) ME Pushup *2 scores = weight on DL & total number of reps in pushups Optional BuyOut “ScapJacked v3”