Consider These 4 Things When Searching “CrossFit Gyms Near Me”

While it’s not guaranteed that you’ve heard of CrossFit, chances are good you have.

Maybe you’ve seen people lifting really heavy weights on Instagram or one of your co-workers goes to CrossFit most every day.  Maybe you’re even annoyed by that co-worker because he won’t shut up about it.

Before you go down the rabbit hole of “CrossFit gyms near me,” here are some things to consider when you are searching to join a CrossFit gym.

1 – Consider More Than Just Price & Location

Price and location are often the main deciding factors and while they are important, they may not be the most important.  If I found an amazing CrossFit gym 20 minutes away from me, it could very well be worth the extra 10 minute drive time.

Every CrossFit gym is different and social activity and culture are huge factors to consider.  You want to find a place whose coaches and clients you connect with.  Want to try a few of them?  Go for it!  You will be surprised to find how different they are.

Yes, CrossFit can be expensive.  Guess what?  You could also find a really cheap one.

In our opinion, you get what you pay for.  If you’re simply looking to access equipment, a Blue Moon or Genesis might be a good fit.  However, at Iron Hero we coach everything from start to finish in our group classes, our small group sessions, and our personal training sessions.  We pride ourselves on client service and we want to make sure you move well and get the best results in the most efficient way.

2 – “Do They Understand My Goals?”

When you first walk in for a consult, are you being asked questions like:

  • What are your goals?
  • How have you struggled achieving your goals in the past?
  • Why are you looking to achieve these goals?
  • What types of things have you done in the past?

We aren’t simply looking to get bodies in our door.  We want to make sure we “take you by the hand” and show you the way.  Part of that is to know where you’re coming from.

Even better?  Great gyms will ask you why you want to achieve these things.  “Why” is a powerful thing when it comes to maintaining consistency [especially on the days you really don’t want to].

How do we start?  We start everybody with our No Sweat Intro.  This serves as a way for us to get to know you without the threat of “am I going to embarrass myself by working out in front of someone I just met?”

If the conversation starts, and then stops, with “here are our membership packages…”  You need to decide if that’s what you really want.

3 – How About Nutrition Coaching?

You read that correctly:  a really good CrossFit gym should be offering some sort of nutrition coaching.

Contrary to what you sometimes read on the internet about ‘fail videos’ and only lifting heavy weights, the job of the CrossFit gym is to improve your health and fitness.

An often overlooked, but vital, part of getting to your goals is what you’re eating.  In fact, I could argue that nutrition is responsible for 80% or more of physical results of any kind.  We’ve found this in our clients many times:  people will workout for a year and experience some change.  Then, they add nutrition coaching and BOOM, night and day differences!

People generally quit gyms because of lack of results for their effort – return on investment.  Well, find yourself a gym that coaches good exercise and good nutritional habits.

4 – CrossFit vs Personal Training

If you’re new to CrossFit, I highly suggest kicking things off with personal training:  a lot less social pressure, a focus totally and completely on you [and at your speed], and workouts designed to make you better (not the group).

CrossFit is the method.  Group training and personal training are different vehicles to deliver this method.  What’s right for you?

At Iron Hero CrossFit, we find that personal training is best for:

  • Someone dealing with a pre-existing injury
  • Someone who is new to CrossFit
  • Older clients that might get frustrated in an open group class environment
  • Someone who doesn’t like the group setting
  • Someone who wants specialized attention on the things they care about most

Be careful in simply tossing our search terms and signing up for the cheapest in town CrossFit gym.  Your health is worth your due diligence.

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