COVID-19 Sucks

COVID-19 Sucks



It gets warm then cold in a hurry.  Did I just see snow?

The sun peaks around the corner but then gets scared away.  Maybe the sun is worried too…

Crappy moods abound and to top it all off, you’re stuck at home.  Maybe your office hasn’t closed but it might as well because its’ a ghost town.

Your gym is probably now closed and so your last great bastion of health and fitness is gone.  Or is it…?


The Reality

While few people join a CrossFit gym, or a CrossFit community, because they want to workout at home, we have certainly been presented with this as a problem to solve together.  And regardless of what you believe (“it’s overhyped” or “people aren’t taking it seriously enough”), we are still in this thing together.


Maybe your gym has rented out equipment to you;  maybe you purchased equipment before it was all gone;  or, maybe you don’t have anything at home except you, yourself, and some floor space.  No matter what, you’ve got options, you’ve got resources, and you’ve got a support system somewhere in your life.


Workouts, Workouts Everywhere

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to have some sort of a schedule at home?  To be told what to do so you didn’t have to think about it?  To have the accountability provided by someone who knew what they were doing and knew who you were as they were working with you?

You can find a million different outlets for at home programming out there.  Shoot, I typed “at home workouts” into Google and 790,000,000 search results populated in .61 seconds.

What is the difference, then…

Did you learn how to do your job without the guidance of a teacher or mentor?

Are you left without a way to measure your progress and check in with someone who knows you?

Do you randomly get things done through the work day, and work week, without a direction and a goal?

Have you been successful without the help of a coach or mentor?


One Solution

Find yourself a coach.

Find yourself someone who will hold you accountable and will work with you to figure out the best path to “get there.”

Find someone who will communicate with you on how you’re doing, how your mindset is, what you’ve been doing with your nutrition, and what you’ve been struggling with.

Find someone who can guide you and think for you so you don’t get stuck by thinking of what you need to be doing right while you should be doing it.


So, What is Online Personal Training?

To answer your questions:

Yes… we will be writing your training for you.  Not “generally.”  Rather, we will write specific to your needs and your available equipment [even if that means you’ve got nothing to use at home except your bodyweight].

Yes… we will modify your workouts for you based on conversations with you.  You don’t have to make things up as you go.

Yes… we will coach you via Zoom or video messages based on what you’re showing us and what you tell us.

Don’t know how to do something?  We’re here.

Don’t know why you’re doing something?  Ask us.

Yes… we will discuss nutrition with you.  In fact, we will discuss this with you as much as you can handle and as much as you need.

And, yes… we provide a support structure and community to help pick you up on the days you’re struggling and down.  Shoot, you’ve probably seen some of it already!


What’s Next?

Reach out.

This is the first step and probably one of the more challenging things to do.  I mean, who enjoys asking for help?  There are a few but most [including me] probably don’t enjoy it.

We can do a phone consultation with you and even a Zoom consultation with you to discuss what’s the best and fastest path to get you where you want to go!

Schedule that HERE!

In fact give us 21 days to get you a jump start with your goals REGARDLESS of being at home or not!

Don’t just feel like you’re “stuck” at home.  Re-engage and get after it!

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