Getting The Best Results

Getting The Best Results



You’ve done it.

You’ve started CrossFit and you’re feeling stronger, you’ve got more energy, you’re part of a group where you’re having fun in the gym but your body is not changing as rapidly as you want.

Firstly, kudos to you for jumping into something new and sticking with it!

Secondly, you want more…


The Workout

The first thing on your list is to achieve CONSISTENCY.

CrossFit, generally, follows a 3 on and 1 off pattern but this doesn’t mean you have to do this [especially if this does not work with your schedule in the first place].  What does matter is making it a point to CrossFit at least 3 days per week.

Once you’ve achieved CONSISTENCY, you need to start to focus on the INTENSITY of your time in your CrossFit gym.

INTENSITY is subjective.  What I can tell you is the more CrossFit you do, the more you’ll realize what high intensity means for you.  Day 1 high intensity is NOT the same as day 90 high intensity.

The point is:  work hard.



The Recovery – Nutrition

Different people will give you different percentages and they’re usually 80% nutrition and 20% working out (plus or minus 10%).  They’re not wrong but don’t worry about quantifying it.

Just know what you’re putting into your body is effecting what you’re getting out of it.  I think this is pretty common knowledge at this point.

Keto, Paleo, Intermittent Fasting, Sugar Detox, or something else which has popped up in recent years.  What’s good and what’s not is a different conversation for a different time.

Have more questions?  Seek out the help of a professional.  We’re happy to help if you need!

The point is:  make good nutrition a habit.


The Recovery – Sleep

One of the most overlooked pieces of the puzzle is sleep.

7 to 8 hours is ideal.  Less than that is a big problem.


And this is just the beginning…

Don’t believe me?  Try an experiment for a month:

Get as much sleep as you can get.  The only rule is it needs to be more than you’re getting right now and preferably uninterrupted.  Measure your body fat OR waist/hip ratio at the beginning and then at the end.

Report back to me…

…I’ll wait.


Simple – Not Easy

These strategies are simple.

This doesn’t mean they’re easy.

The key is start small, celebrate victories, and roll into bigger and bigger things.  We are excited to help you if you need a guide but TAKE ACTION.

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