How to Put Yourself First

Stephanie has three kids, a spouse, and a full-time job.  Going to the bathroom by herself seems like a giant accomplishment

Jake is an attorney.  He is in the office for long hours, and sometimes on weekends, but likes to spend time with his family.

Annika has elderly parents who need a lot of extra care.  She is consistently driving them to doctors appointments and other check ups.

If I had to place a bet, you are one of the three people above [as fictional as they are].  You undoubtedly have a lot of things going on and if you think about adding something else, you stress out.  If you are honest with yourself, however, you have time somewhere…

…you just need to take it.

I recently took a flight to O’Hare and was reminded about one of the things that the airlines get right:  if an emergency happens, you need to put your own mask on before you begin to help others.  If you do it another way, you won’t be able to help anyone else!

If you neglect yourself and continue to try to take care of others first, you will likely run out of fuel and at some point you’ll literally be gasping for air.

Ask Yourself

When was the last time you took a second to evaluate what things you are doing to help yourself?  Seriously, what practices are you consistently employing to make sure you don’t run down to empty?

  • What does your exercise schedule look like?  Did you sign up at a new gym at New Years only to quit?
  • What does your recovery look like?
  • What are you doing for general self-care outside of exercise?
  • Are you sleeping enough?  Or do you stay up too late streaming shows back to back?
  • What does your diet look like?


If you don’t have an exercise routine or schedule, take a second to block time off for yourself.  Set it in your calendar just like any other appointment (even if that appointment is only 30 minutes long).  Get back in gear and focus on the habit above all else.

Feel like you can’t come up with your own routine?  Ask a friend, take a group exercise class, or find a great personal trainer (I know a few HERE) and make yourself really accountable to someone else.

Don’t sleep enough or are you struggling with the quality of your sleep?  Put your phone down a minimum of 30 minutes (if not 1 hour) before bed – this includes not streaming a show before bed.  Drop the temperature in your house (mid to high 60’s is good), make it dark, read a book, and make a regular bedtime.

Find yourself eating all kinds of junk?  Begin to work on inserting healthier meals throughout the week.  Gradually work your way up in the volume of healthier meals (increase your win percentage) and soon you’ll find you are eating better and changing your body in the process.

It’s Easy

This one is a little counterintuitive – it is easy to back seat your self-care.  It is easy to always put other people first.  It is easy to say, “I’ll start next week/month/year.”

I cannot stress to you how important it is to take care of yourself, though.  Probably now more than ever, you should prioritize yourself even just a little bit to start.

Pull out your planner or open your calendar app on your phone and make an appointment with yourself.  Want more help?  Make an appointment with one of our amazing coaches or personal trainers HERE!

Improve your life by taking the initiative to work on yourself first!

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