How to Stop Regaining the Weight (4min Read)

How to Stop Regaining the Weight (4min Read)



You’ve been there.

I’ve been there.

You set the goal to lose 10lbs and guess what?!  You lose 10lbs!

Then, magically, you end up gaining 15lbs.

Some people might say it’s because you changed your habits to get there and then went back to your previous habits which took you back.

And that’s true!

What if there was something else at play?  What if there’s a real emotional and psychological rationale as to why this keeps happening?


How Do You View You?

If you feel you are successful in your career, you probably view yourself as such.  You’re probably not someone who feels like you’re an imposter.

You probably know these “imposters,” though.

Don’t name drop…


You’ve probably seen the person who has short-lived success in their sales, or their tasks, or how they look to everyone else.  You’ve probably also noticed that they lose their fire and are no longer that top performer anymore.

Well, have you ever thought that you might view yourself as “a person who needs to lose weight” instead of someone who is a “healthy and fit?”

If you’re “healthy and fit,” your daily choices are a habit and they’re generally healthy.

If you’re “a person who needs to lose weight,” your daily choices are because “you have to” and they’re a “means to an end.”

If you’re “healthy and fit,” getting up early and training is part of your life.

If you’re “a person who needs to lose weight,” you feel like you “have” to get up early because it’s the only time you can do this.


The Solution

Work on how you define you.

While it is a challenge, it’s not definitely not impossible to change your habits for a long enough period of time to change your body.  The difference between this, and the longer-term [lifestyle] habits, is whether or not you enjoy the process.

When you enjoy the process, things are so much easier!

When you talk to someone who just seems to “be” what they want to be, like, all the time, you will notice the things they do just seem to happen.  It’s just easy.  In other words, they don’t have to work on it.

They probably define themselves the way they want to be rather than someone who is doing what they need to in order to get there.


Look for that person.  Find that person who is where you want to be.  Figure out how they view themselves and work on your self-talk on how you can get there.

I mean, if you keep viewing yourself as “unhealthy and overweight,” you might end up coming right back to that every single time.


You Lost Your Why…

You did it.

You got fed up with where you were at and you decided “enough is enough!”  You’re going to make a change and that change starts right now.

Well, you got there:

You lost that 10lbs, you gained that muscle, you fit into those vacation jeans…

…and then it all came crawling back.

But why?

When you set goals like this, you set your mind on something finite.  And hey, you got there.  Celebrate!

You probably also noticed as you made your way to your goals:

  • It was just a little bit easier to say yes to that dessert
  • It was just a little easier to sleep in and not go to the gym
  • It was a little bit easier to say “I worked out hard yesterday”
  • It was a little bit easier to have your glass of wine or your can of beer knowing, “it’s no big deal”

In other words, the fire which brought you in to make a life change gradually disappeared as you got closer to where you wanted to go.

Isn’t that weird?!  Getting to your goals is, in itself, a problem when it comes to continuing to achieve!


The Solution

Find the next goal.

You got to your 10lbs, now what?  What’s the next thing you’re going to accomplish?  What is the next thing you want to achieve?

Find it and attack.

Once you’ve got that, what is the next thing?

In other words, this is a journey.  The magic of this whole thing is understanding goals are great.  They get you focused and they can keep you making great decisions for a short amount of time.

Set your sights on something.  Achieve it.  Celebrate. And then find your next thing!

Not only does each win feel amazing but it’s each win which keeps you moving to the next win!


What’s your next goal?

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