HSPU – 151202

Nothing like the recovery/mobility position post WOD, huh?  Tough to stand back up after something like that…


I gotta tell ya, after going out of the way to write a blog post about drinking fluids during a MetCon, I went ahead and made the mistake, myself, anyway…

I was thirsty during everything leading up to the WOD, and as I was warming up I was thinking to myself, “I should go refill my [purple] Nalgene water bottle.”


Yes, I said purple… what do you wanna say about that?  😛


Anyway, I went and filled her up.

Took a little sip, “ahhhh…”

Thought, well, I’ll have a little more…

…a full glass [or more] of water later I had the thought, “crap!  That was probably a bad idea…”


Well, wouldn’t you know it.  I got about 9 minutes into the workout and started feeling like if I kept up the pace I was doing, the water would have surged its’ way back out from whence it came.

I finished the workout, anyway.  I had to slow my pace, of course.  But I share this because I want you to know that I am not immune to doing silly things.

Even after I’ve written about it…

…don’t be so hard on yourself if something happens, yeah?



15min to Find 5RM

Strict Press



13min AMRAP of:

250m Row

Max Rep HSPU

*1min Rest


It’s an inverted kind of day!

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