I’m Overweight. Can I Do CrossFit?

I’m Overweight.  Can I Do CrossFit?

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had someone come in and say something to this effect, “I need to get in shape before I do CrossFit.”

And I totally understand why…

If we take a look at what might be considered stereotypical in a CrossFit group class:  people may have their shirts off, they’re are dropping weights, they’re running, they’re jumping, and they’re climbing ropes, there’s loud music, and the list could go on.

This is a very scary (maybe intimidating is a better word) notion when you’re someone who is simply wanting to make a change for yourself and for the better.

Let’s be honest:  it’s intimidating to walk into a gym and even more so to walk into a CrossFit gym.  And by the way, if you’ve taken a step in either direction, pat yourself on the back.

You’re taking ownership of your health and fitness!

So, What Then…?

The difference in what someone is doing in a conventional gym and a CrossFit gym boils down to a single main factor:  coaching.

Everything you are doing in a CrossFit gym is being led by an expert coach from start to finish.  Everything you are doing you can rest easy knowing this coach is working to make sure you’re safe, to ensure what you’re doing will challenge you, and most importantly meet you where you’re at.

Had experience with CrossFit?  Great!  Your coach will meet you there and challenge you appropriately.

Starting brand new never having done anything physically active before?  Great!  Your coach will meet you there and challenge you appropriately.

The Point is This…

Everyone can do CrossFit.

Not everyone wants to challenge themselves in this way but everybody can do it.

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