Is Working Out Enough?

Is Working Out Enough?



I once read a eye opening blog post by a gentleman named Mike Boyle.  For those of you not in the strength and conditioning world, this name might not ring a bell.

Doesn’t matter… I will, however, link the article below.

What does matter is he illustrated the normal path someone in the strength and conditioning world takes:

  1. The bodybuilder
  2. The powerlifter
  3. The injured powerlifter
  4. The functional training guy

This is a reflection of me and my journey.

Who knows… maybe this describes you too.  Then again, there’s always the rule and then there’s the exception which proves the rule.


What Are You Doing?

Maybe you strength train.

Maybe you run.

Maybe you do CrossFit.

Maybe you do a little bit of everything (kudos to you).

Or, maybe you’ve found yourself wanting more because you’re not getting as strong as you want, you’re not moving as well as you want, you’re not getting as big as you want, or you’re not acquiring the skills you are looking to acquire.

Hopefully it’s not because you’re finding yourself with little annoying injuries or something more catastrophic…


So, Is What You’re Doing Enough?

I think this is the wrong question to ask.  I think the right question is, “are you doing the right things?”

For someone who is looking to continue to improve themselves in some way, you need to consolidate your efforts and not just load up on ‘more and more.’

There are only so many hours in a day, after all.

Rather than finding a random program on the internet, trying it for a month, and then moving on…

Rather than seeing what other people are doing and using them as your benchmark for how to move…

And rather than eating the way someone else eats because they’re the one person this diet worked for…

What if you asked the right person, the right question, and got involved in the right programs?


Why Do Some Progress Faster Than Others?

They seek out professionals.

They look for people who have done it, struggled with it, gotten injured by it, suffered through it, and have come out the other side with a lesson or two.

They look for programs that offer focus on the thing they want to improve.

They find a support system to help them through their struggles.

In other words, they don’t just do more.  They do better.


Our Values at IHCF

We value seeing objective improvement.

We value getting involved in things which make us better as well as improve the whole.

We value getting focused [and then refocused] once you’ve achieved one set of goals.

Finally, we don’t believe the journey stops once you start training.  That’s where the journey begins.

This is why we offer things like:

  • Skills Sessions
  • Specialty Courses (ex:  gymnastics, weightlifting, nutrition, running, rowing, etc)
  • Social Events
  • A variety of other programs
  • And more

The thing our most successful clients have in common is that they get involved.

I am under no delusion to expect everyone is going to do everything, give up their other priorities, and only do what we are doing.  I also know that getting started, and then isolating yourself, will not lead to success either.


Moral of the Story?

Get involved. Even in a small way.  Even if it’s not Iron Hero.

We might be biased but we think you should be here 🙂

But ask questions, seek the help of a pro, look for courses, events, and programs which support YOUR goals and then do it.

Don’t think about it.  Do it.

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