Just Breathe… Squat… – 151128

You’ll get the opportunity to see some of these today… after squats of course!


Looking to release a lot of testosterone and growth hormone for the purpose of losing body fat and gaining muscle?

You’ve come to the right day!

The type of training we do at Iron Hero CrossFit lends itself to releasing growth hormone and testosterone and thus lends itself to muscle gain and body fat loss…

…this is, of course, if you do not have any pre-existing adrenal gland dysfunction.


Think of it this way:


The human body handles stressors (including exercise) in one of two different pathways:  either the stress hormone pathway or the sex hormone (testosterone/estrogen) pathway.

If you have taught your body to handle stressors with stress hormones, it is difficult (not impossible) to retrain your system to use its’ sex hormones.  This will lead you down the nasty pathway of being tired at odd times, awake at odd times, retaining body fat in weird places, unable to gather the energy to exercise, the inability to gain muscle efficiently, etc.

Moral of the story?  If we’ve got a problem, let’s get it fixed before anybody spins their wheels too much…



1×20 @ 65% to 75% of 1RM

Breathe Squats



100 Russian Swings (24/16)


It’s a big butt kind of day…

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