Lost Your Fire? 3 Ways to Get It Back!

Lost Your Fire?  3 Ways to Get it Back!



You already know how this fire to change can disappear.  It’s probably happened to you on any number of occasions much like it’s happened to me on any number of occasions.

So how to do you relight that fire?

Challenge Your Excuses

You’ve done it.

I’ve done it.

Especially as it’s getting colder, snowy, it’s dark for more of the day, and your damn bed is warm and snuggly.



The excuses start to come out (these are the excuses I feed myself, by the way):

  • It’s so warm in here
  • I’ll workout later today
  • I feel tired, I should probably rest today
  • I have so much going on that I don’t feel like doing anything
  • I don’t want to accidentally wake anyone else up, I’ll just stay in bed



None of these are reasons; they’re all excuses.  They’re all things I try to feed myself as to why it would be better to just stay in bed and not do what I ACTUALLY want to do.

The solution?

Make a list of the REASONS to follow through with what you set for yourself and go through them if you’re struggling to get going.

For me?

  • I’m a better husband when I take care of myself
  • I’m a better father
  • I get more done in the day because I feel good
  • I’m healthier
  • I have energy at home
  • I have more energy for my clients and classes
  • And the list goes on…

Make.  That.  List.

Train With Someone

Not everyone knows everyone BUT this doesn’t mean you can’t reach out and make a friend.

This is a conversation I have had a lot lately and the premiss is this:



“It’s much easier to walk away and let yourself down.  It’s much harder to walk away and let someone else down.”



In the case of a big box gym?

Find a training partner and make appointments to keep with each other.  Some days they’ll be motivated and you won’t.  Some days you’ll be motivated and they won’t.

In the case of a CrossFit gym?

Find someone who goes to your classes or whose schedule reflects yours.  Text each other and go to those classes together.  Trust me.  It’ll help when you’re down.  You’ll have a much harder time feeding them excuses than feeding them to yourself.

Talk to Your Coach & Make a Plan

You’ve done it.

You’ve progressed to your goals and now it feels like your fire is starting to burn out.

A conversation with your coach, or trainer, can help to fix this.


  • Something really big and really daunting [in your mind] will be broken down into things that are not big and not daunting
  • You’ll go from focusing on everything, and thinking you’ve got to work on everything, to focusing on one thing
  • You can objectively measure and then remeasure
  • And remember, you’d seek out an roofer to roof your house if you needed it.  Wouldn’t it make sense to seek out a professional in this field to help you with your problems?

That’s It…

Let’s make this quick and dirty:

  • Challenge your excuses
  • Workout with a training partner
  • Talk to your coach and make a plan

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