Pete & Repeat – 150921

Jen, Jon, and Hilary getting their presses on!


Every once in a while, we will redo a past workout.  We want to make sure that what we are doing is working and that you are getting more fit!

Measurable and repeatable:  two important principles of CrossFit.

How did we measure, in this case?  We measured in, both, load lifted in the first part and the time finished in the second part (also, what modifications did you have, if any).

If you’re getting more fit, we’ll keep running with it because something is working here…

…if you’re not getting more fit, we need to figure out what the problem is and how we can attack it to change it (chances are, you’ll be more fit)!


In any case, come on in for this retest and let’s see where everyone is at!


PS.  If you HAVE NOT scheduled to have your Baseline Workout redone, please do so (IHCF Athlete’s, I’m talking to you!)



5×5 Strict Press

*2:30 clock

*Heavy & Progressive



4 RFT:

10 Ring Dips

200m Run (250m Row option if cannot run)

30 Box Jumps (24/20)


Let’s see everyone getting more fit!



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