Partner Day! MetCon/Cardio 3 RFT 50/35 Cal Row 40 V-Ups 30 Down Ups *Partner 1 can only work on one part while the other partner is holding themselves from the pullup bar or in a support position on the rings… Read more »


Don’t forget to start your BINGO sheets!  (there is a Nerf gun square in there you wont want to miss)   Cardio AMRAP 18 400m SB Carry 21 Lying Toe 2 Rig *Lying knee raises, lying toe raises, lying toes… Read more »


Ben prefers the invisible assault bike most days. MetCon/Cardio 15-12-9 Cal AAB WB (20/14) –At 5min- 21-15-9 RSw (24/16) Down Up -At 10min- DB PPress (50/35) Pullup -15min Cap- *Score = 3 separate times, remaining time is rest time in… Read more »

CrossFit WOD – 181221

Flashback to Robin Hood showing up at our Holiday Party!   MetCon 4 RFT 5ea Side Barbell Bulgarian Split Squats (135/95) 10 Strict C2B Pullups 10 V-Ups   Optional Buy Out “Strict Gymnastics”   Single leg strength is up there with… Read more »

CrossFit WOD – 160910

Don’t forget:  free bootcamp is here at 10am each week (unless we let everyone know otherwise).  See you here!   MetCon   12min AMRAP   20 HSPU 200m Run 20 Hollow Rocks 5 Front Squats (185/130)   *HSPU Progression:  elevated… Read more »

CrossFit WOD – 160609

Good thing these ladies are strong women!   Strength/Skill 15-20min to Find a 10RM Reverse Lunges   *Going from the floor and going from the front rack position   Skill L-Sit or L-Hang   There’s a pattern of trunk stability,… Read more »

CrossFit @ Home – 160207

Do you miss the warm weather?   Your last chance to try Iron Hero CrossFit for free is tomorrow (Monday, 2/8) all day. This is because of the snow day we had on Tuesday of last week.   You’re not… Read more »

Post Stink N Drink – 151121

Thanks to everyone who came out to the IHCF second ever Stink N Drink!  We even had a couple of friends from CrossFit Elkhorn stop out!   We had lots of people come out to the Drink part of the Stink… Read more »

@ Home (Comp Day) – 151024

Good luck to David & Stephanie at the Rumble in the Jungle!  Should be a lot of fun!   If you need some more information on where, what, heats, timelines, click the link below for the competition info. Rumble In… Read more »

Snatch Tuesdays – 150922

If you haven’t gotten your tank top yet… Well…   Be on the lookout!  We will be knocking out hoodies and yoga pants (for the ladies, unless men wanna wear yoga pants too, I guess…).   WL E2MOM for 3 Rounds… Read more »