“bout to get that LSD in today! (also make sure you are well hydrated….drink water)!   MetCon/Cardio “Kelly” 5 RFT 400m Run 30 BoxJ (24/20) 30 WB (20/14) R = 2:30, BoxJ = 2:30, WB = 2min Optional BuyOut “Midline… Read more »


Strength/MetCon Squat “Elizabeth” 21-15-9 SqCl (135/95) Ring Dip SqCl = 2min, 1:30, 1min; RD = 1:30, 1min, :30 ***Doublecheck Times from last time*** Optional BuyOut “Recovery Bike”


Its like a genuine “Bro Sesh”  benchmark WOD Strength “Lynne” 5 RFR Bench Press (BW) Strict Pullups *Can be floor press IF necessary *Rest as needed *As soon as the bench is done move IMMEDIATELY to pullups Optional BuyOut “Bodybuilding”


Guess what day it is??  It’s Eva Day! Be excited 🙂 Cardio “Eva” 5 RFT 800m Run 30 AmSw (32/24) 30 Pullups R = 5min, Sw = 1:30, PU = 1:30 Optional BuyOut “Show & Go”


The “upside down” is a fun place to go…Isn’t it? Strength/MetCon “Diane” 21-15-9 DL (225/155) HSPU 1:30ea, 1min ea, :45ea Optional BuyOut “ScapJacked v2”

CrossFit WOD- 181024

No time to think, just go.   “Jackie” Benchmark WOD 1000m Row 50 Thrusters (45/35) 30 Pull-ups   Optional Buy Out “Strict Gymnastics” AMRAP 7 5 strict ring dips 10 sec Static Inverted Row Hold 15 sec KB Front Rack… Read more »