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Getting The Best Results

Getting The Best Results     You’ve done it. You’ve started CrossFit and you’re feeling stronger, you’ve got more energy, you’re part of a group where you’re having fun in the gym but your body is not changing as rapidly… Read more »

CrossFit Programming – Week of December 30th, 2019

🚨Programming for Week of Dec 30th🚨     Reminder:  Only the BROWN Levels are shown Also, starting January 1st, 2020, we are making the programming changes we alluded to in our “What’s Coming in 2020” blog!  It’s for the better!… Read more »

CrossFit Programming – Week of December 9th, 2019

🚨Programming for Week of Dec 9th🚨 ✅Reminder: Only BROWN Levels Shown   ✅Don’t forget our Iron Hero CrossFit Holiday Party is taking place on Sunday, December 15th!  We want all you guys to be there so we can have some… Read more »

3 Common Nutrition Mistakes

3 Common Nutrition Mistakes Let me start this off by saying I am neither a Registered Dietitian nor am I a certified nutritionist. As an aside, we have a nutritionist on staff who is continuing to up her level of… Read more »