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Testing U/L Endurance-based on your DL and Upper Body Push  Upper/Lower Endurance (15min) *Pair for judging —Already Tested? Use 2nd part of W1D3 Retest Slide — Have people do DL & UB Push if they haven’t

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Testing Group 3 Rings (15min) + Squat Endurance (15min) *Partner up to help count and judge —Already Tested? Use W2D2 Retest Slide

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Posted by 8PM! WIN 🙂   Cardio “Nancy” 5 RFT 400m Run 15 OHS (95/65) *2:30, 1min Optional BuyOut “Roped”

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Building tolerance to muscle fatigue!  That’s A GOOD thing! MetCon LM 9 RFT 3 HSPU 6 T2B 12 BoxJ (24/20) HSPU = 15sec, T2B = 15sec, BoxJ = 1min *Pick progressions you can keep moving through Optional BuyOut “Show & Go”

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This WOD is gonna be the end of “may”…get it?   Strength/MetCon 21-18-15-12 Thrusters Pullups *75/55, 95/65, 115/80, 135/95 10min Cap Optional BuyOut “Midline Bike”

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It’s NANCY Day!!  The day you didn’t know you were waiting for! 🙂   Strength/MetCon “Nancy” 5 RFT 400m Run 15 OHS (95/65) R = 2:30, OHS = 1min Optional BuyOut “Grip & Core”

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CrossFit WOD – 181220

This is a choose your own adventure kind of day!   MetCon For Time 200 DUs 100/70 Calorie Row 70/50 Calorie Bike *Brainstorm a plan, write it up, then attack it   Optional Buy Out “Boulder Shoulders”   Endurance, after nutrition, is what human beings need to make sure we

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CrossFit WOD – 161129

Who doesn’t like lifting some heavy weight?  Slamming bars, perhaps?   WL 15-20min to Find 1RM 1 Squat Snatch + 2 Overhead Squats   It’s a great day to be lifting heavy and then relaxing!

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Water During CrossFit Workouts?

Leave your mark on the floor.  Then we mop it up… 🙂   WHY ARE YOU DRINKING WATER DURING THE WOD?     CrossFit ain’t easy. I’d be lying if I said that it were easy.  It’s simply not.  Matter of fact, in the realm of mental challenges, it’s one of

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