EPOC is in the forecast today!   MetCon/Cardio 21-15-9 Calorie Row Box Jump (24/20) Pushups 21cal = 1:30, 21boxj = 1:30, 21pu = 1min, 15cal = 1min, 15bo = 1min, 15pu = 1min, 9cal = 30sec, 9boxj = 30sec, 9pu… Read more »


Get comfy in the bottom of the squat, its good for you!   Strength E2MOM x 10 Squat Snatch + 5sec Pause OHS *Ascending in weight *Focus is bottom position and getting comfy with that *Retest from 11/9/18 Optional BuyOut… Read more »

Why is CrossFit Expensive, You Ask?

Why is CrossFit Expensive?   LETS LOOK AT THIS FROM A PRACTICAL AND LOGISTICAL PERSPECTIVE… I’d be lying if I said that CrossFit is for everyone.  In fact, this article has nothing to do with convincing you to do CrossFit… Read more »

What’s your problem? – 150829

Chelsey, Megan, & Greg getting familiar with burpees.  They might have done one or two of them, this day…   Have you been struggling with achieving something and you’re not seeing the results in your body you have been striving for?… Read more »

Be The Hero…

Be The Hero… by Joe Rogan   Well, it boils down to putting it on paper.  Tell someone, or tell no one but whatever you do, write it down and go for it.   By the way, see you guys… Read more »