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Drop it like a squat   Strength/MetCon AMRAP 6 ME BSQ (225/155)* *Every break in sets = 7 Strict HSPU *STRETCH DAY TODAY Optional Buy Out “Ab Assault”

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“From the window, to the Wall balls” MetCon/Cardio “Open WOD 13.3” AMRAP 12 150 WB (20/14) 90 DU 30 RMU *If anybody finishes RMU (or scales), head back to WB Optional Buy Out “Gripped”

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CrossFit WOD – 161017

Hope everyone had a nice rest day yesterday, because its time to get back to the grind! Strength 15 – 20 minutes to find 1 RM Snatches   MetCon 21 Burpees 15 OHS (135/95) 9 Muscle Ups   *8 minute cap What better way to celebrate Monday than with BURPEES!

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CrossFit WOD – 161015

Are you ready for a cardiovascular challenge?   For Time 5 x 10 each Goblet Squats (24/16) 100 Double Unders (same time) 5 x 10 each Pull Ups SB Carry (400m x 2) I Carry You Carry 5 x 10 each Pull Ups 100 Double Unders 5 x 10 each

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Who is ready for a push, pull kinda relationship well this AMRAP is!   6 min AMRAP   3, 6, 9, 12, ETC Thrusters (45/35) 3, 6, 9, 12, ETC Ring Rows   Buyout!   3 Total Minutes of  PKC Plank   Remember to look out for those planking ninjas,

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