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How Difficult Are You Making It?

How Difficult Are You Making It?     So far we’ve talked discipline, we’ve talked making the choice before you need to make the choice, but we’ve got one more thing…   “Making the easier stuff harder and the harder stuff easier.”  This is one of my favorites.   I

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Discipline > Motivation

Discipline > Motivation     How’s that discipline working out for you?  You should notice making the decision to do something is less stressful as your discipline gets you up and going.  Bottom line is nobody is going to do it for you so let it carry you.   What

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Motivation is Bullsh*t

Motivation is Bullsh*t     It happens to me too: You get up, you look at your alarm and think to yourself “why am I even up this early?  Why would ANYONE be up this early?”   I love CrossFit as much as the next guy but sometimes getting the

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How to Stop Regaining the Weight (4min Read)

How to Stop Regaining the Weight (4min Read)     You’ve been there. I’ve been there. You set the goal to lose 10lbs and guess what?!  You lose 10lbs! Then, magically, you end up gaining 15lbs. Some people might say it’s because you changed your habits to get there and

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Lost Your Fire? 3 Ways to Get It Back!

Lost Your Fire?  3 Ways to Get it Back!     You already know how this fire to change can disappear.  It’s probably happened to you on any number of occasions much like it’s happened to me on any number of occasions. So how to do you relight that fire?

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Sleep In Your Gym Clothes

Sleep In Your Gym Clothes You only have so much decision making ability. Once it’s used up, it’s used up. So when it comes to deciding whether or not to get up early and workout, and if your decision making ability has dried up, there’s probably only one thing which

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How Does This Benefit Me?

But How Does This Benefit Me? Last week, I wrote about being active and finding interests OUTSIDE the gym to keep you motivated INSIDE the gym.  Let’s face it, at some point we could all use this! Well… You have most likely heard the phrase “if you don’t take care

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Why is CrossFit Expensive, You Ask?

Why is CrossFit Expensive?   LETS LOOK AT THIS FROM A PRACTICAL AND LOGISTICAL PERSPECTIVE… I’d be lying if I said that CrossFit is for everyone.  In fact, this blog has nothing to do with convincing you to do CrossFit or that it is even right for you in the

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