CrossFit WOD – 170307

While a majority of the people doing the CrossFit Games Open are not looking to compete in the Games, it’s always exciting when the Open pushes athletes to new heights and new skills.  Congrats, Ben!   MetCon 4 RFT 400m… Read more »

CrossFit WOD – 161006

Everybody has been moving right along with all the lifting we’ve been doing.  So, it’s time to do a little gymnastics work…   MetCon 20min AMRAP 20 Pushups 20 Ring Rows 400m Run   Give the squats a bit of… Read more »

CrossFit WOD – 160826

Thanks for all your hard work, guys!   The Challenge is ending in a week.  Keep an eye out for an email and posting in our Athlete Page regarding heats for the Finals and remember:   If anyone needs to… Read more »

CrossFit WOD – 160820

Don’t forget Dr Heck will be here for 8am to 10am for Iron Hero Athletes to get your adjusting on.  Restoring function, much like we do with our FMS, is important for staving off injury and creating a better “working”… Read more »

CrossFit WOD – 160726

Kim & Chong taking us to the gun show!   MetCon For Time 200m Run 10 DB Squat Cleans (50/30) ME DB S2OH (50/30)*   *Accumulate a total of 50 S2OH but every time you break, you must start over… Read more »

CrossFit WOD – 160714

Taking out the squats for a day as they may [or may not] be showing up tomorrow… Who knows…   MetCon 16min AMRAP   25 Power Snatches (115/80) 25 Deadlifts (115/80) 25 Pendlay Rows (115/80) 200m Run   A little… Read more »

CrossFit WOD – 160608

Not sure where the cape came from but hey, who am I to give him a hard time (I’m the guy that wore the poop face mask, right?)?   WL 5×1 Hi Hang Squat Snatch Hang Squat Snatch Squat Snatch… Read more »

CrossFit WOD – 160603

Day 4 of Free Week is in swing!  Don’t miss out on a great opportunity!   MetCon For Time 1000m Row 100 DUs (200 SUs as mod) 800m Run   *15min Cap   A conditioning kind of Friday!

CrossFit WOD – 160521

As soon as you get done, you get to RELAX!  Ain’t nothing wrong with that and, sure, you’ve got time for that!   MetCon For Total Time 200m Run 30 second rest 400m Run 1 minute rest 600m Run 2… Read more »