All the weights, all day!   Strength E3MOM x 5 1 Strict Press + 3 Push Press + 5 Power Jerk *Add weight as it makes sense *After each set perform 9 strict pullups/RR/PRR Optional Buy Out “Recovery Bike”


MMA Fighter BJ Penn, literally said, it was like a fight gone bad…..   MetCon/Cardio “FGB” 3 RFR WB (20/14) SDHP (75/55) BoxJ (20”) PushP (75/55) Cal Row Rest *1min/station *Track total completed reps Optional Buy Out “Push Pull”


Ben prefers the invisible assault bike most days. MetCon/Cardio 15-12-9 Cal AAB WB (20/14) –At 5min- 21-15-9 RSw (24/16) Down Up -At 10min- DB PPress (50/35) Pullup -15min Cap- *Score = 3 separate times, remaining time is rest time in… Read more »