Everything is Against You

Everything is Against You     It should come as no surprise how technology and innovation has made our world a better place to live. You’re hungry?  Head over to that fast food joint and in 3 minutes or less,… Read more »

Is Your Teeter Totter Broken?

Is Your Teeter Totter Broken?     What to Look For? How a teeter totter and your results are largely interrelated What sorts of things help and hurt your ability to achieve results How you can tip your teeter totter… Read more »

More is Not Better. Better is Better.

More is Not Better.  Better is Better In an effort to glean the most out of what you’re doing with your training you might think, “let’s do a 2 a day or a 3 a day.”  Especially considering the fact… Read more »

One of the Best Weight Loss Techniques (And It’s Free)

One of the Best Weight Loss Techniques (And It’s Free) In the age of “signup for this,” and “download that,” it’s harder to come by things [which legitimately work] for free. And while what I’m about to propose is simple… Read more »

R&R – 150913 @ Home

Though it’s not on this pyramid, recovery & regeneration should be somewhere…   …and you shouldn’t neglect it. People don’t necessarily overtrain because they workout too much (you can, you just have to work really hard at it). People overtrain… Read more »