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What Shoes Should I Wear?

What Shoes Should I Wear? You’ve started CrossFit so you need a CrossFit shoe, right?  Maybe a basketball shoe?  A weightlifting shoe but they look so weird.  What about a minimalist shoe? “I don’t know what to do from here…” Let’s look at the demands of CrossFit and see if

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Can I Get 6-Pack Abs from Running?

Can I Get 6-Pack Abs from Running? Short answer? It definitely couldn’t hurt!  But let’s dive into the details so you don’t put together a bunch of “junk miles,” so to speak. How Often Should I Run? It depends, really. For a runner who likes to do 5k’s, 10k’s, half

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Burpee’s with Friends! MetCon 20-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2 Burpee Pullup *200m run before each round *22min Cap

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Posted by 8PM! WIN 🙂   Cardio “Nancy” 5 RFT 400m Run 15 OHS (95/65) *2:30, 1min Optional BuyOut “Roped”

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Run and Jump!   Cardio 18-15-12-9 Burpee BoxJ (24/20)* *400m run after each round Run = 2:30, BBJ = 2min, 1:30, 1min, :45 Optional BuyOut “Gripped”

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But did you die? Cardio Death by 44’ *Can be Death by 20m Row if need be *We will set intervals for this so people don’t have to reset the screen every time Optional BuyOut “Midline”

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Abs, Abs and more Abs! Cardio 21-15-9 For Time T2B Box Jump (24/20) 400m Run T2B = 1:30, 1min, :30; BoxJ = 1:30, 1min, :30; Run = 2:30 Optional BuyOut “Hollow Row”

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MetCon/Cardio LM For Time 600m Run w/ MB (20/14) 25 DL (185/135) 50 WB (20/14) 75 Box Stepup w/ MB (24/20) 50 WB 25 DL 600m Run w/ MB R = 4min, DL = 2min, WB = 3min, BSU = 4min Optional BuyOut “Strict Gymnastics”

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Building super engines today!  MetCon LM 5 RFT 200m Run 8 PCl&J* 25 Situps 1min Rest *Ascend in weight each round *Scores = weight and time Optional BuyOut “Gymnasty v2”

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Cardio 2 RFT .7mi AAB 500m Row 400m Run *2:30 each movement Optional BuyOut “Push Pull” ***Start with Big 4 Stretches***

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