Can You Stay Strong At Home?

Can You Still Be Strong At Home?     You need barbells and heavy weights to be strong… right? What if I told you nothing except for your own bodyweight could make you strong as hell?   I Get It…… Read more »

5 Rules to Start Strength Training

Why Should You Strength Train & 5 Rules to Start My response is, “why are you not strength training?”  But that doesn’t really get anybody anywhere. How about a list of the things we usually hear which people ACTUALLY care… Read more »


Front squats then front squats! Strength 5-4-3-2 FSQ *Ascend in weight as appropriate Then AMRAP 15 10 FSQ (115/80) 8 Burpee Pullup Optional BuyOut “Gun Show”


Deadlifts…the king and queen of lifts and also booty gainz! Strength 6x(1min on/1min off) 5 Deadlift (75-80%) ME Pushup *2 scores = weight on DL & total number of reps in pushups Optional BuyOut “ScapJacked v3”


Its HEAVY lifting day!!  WOOHOO!!!   Strength E3MOM x 5 5 Deadlift Cluster* *Heavy Then 3 Sets 4 Ring Dips :20 Support Hold :20 Rest 4 Ring Dips :20 Catch Hold :20 Rest Optional Buy Out “Push & Pull”