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Retest API Same Format OR SAME exact setup except: Pushups RSw (20/12) or (16/8) Burpee DUs Ab Mat Situps *Partner up to count and judge    

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Testing U/L Endurance-based on your DL and Upper Body Push  Upper/Lower Endurance (15min) *Pair for judging —Already Tested? Use 2nd part of W1D3 Retest Slide — Have people do DL & UB Push if they haven’t

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Burpees, Burpees Everywhere!   MetCon 21-15-9 AmSw (24/16) Pushup Burpee ASw = 1min, :45, :30 PUBu = 1:30, 1:15, 1min Optional BuyOut “Gun Show”

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Strength/MetCon For Time (Each) 2 Rounds 80 DU 4 PSn (135/95) At 7min, 3 Rounds 50 DU 8 PCl (135/95) At 14min 4 Rounds 35 DU 12 DL (135/95) *Record each finish time *1DU = 1SU Optional BuyOut “Bi’s + Tri’s + Holiday Inn”

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MetCon/Cardio LM For Time 600m Run w/ MB (20/14) 25 DL (185/135) 50 WB (20/14) 75 Box Stepup w/ MB (24/20) 50 WB 25 DL 600m Run w/ MB R = 4min, DL = 2min, WB = 3min, BSU = 4min Optional BuyOut “Strict Gymnastics”

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Cardio LM AMRAP 15 1000m Row** Rest until 5min then, Push Press (95/65)* Pullup* 15 ASQ *5ea, 10ea, 15ea, etc. *Score = rounds + reps of second part **Scale distance to get done around 4min mark Optional BuyOut “Recovery Bike”

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There is something about Mary!   MetCon “Mary” AMRAP 20 5 HSPU 10 Alt Pistols 15 Pullups *Modifications = challenge new skills Optional BuyOut “Midline Bike”

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Like Tuesday but different.   Strength/MetCon 10 RFT 3 DL (275/195) 5 Strict HSPU* *Heavy strict press OR pike pushups (on box) DL = 30sec, HSPU = 30sec Optional BuyOut “Bodybuilding”

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Cardio E2MOM x 4 250m Row 10 Thruster (95/65)* *Pick a thruster weight you can go unbroken every set *Score = weight x reps (ex: 95# x 40 = 3800#) Optional BuyOut “ScapJacked v2” ***Start with Big 4 Stretches***

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Strength/MetCon Squat “Elizabeth” 21-15-9 SqCl (135/95) Ring Dip SqCl = 2min, 1:30, 1min; RD = 1:30, 1min, :30 ***Doublecheck Times from last time*** Optional BuyOut “Recovery Bike”

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