Building tolerance to muscle fatigue!  That’s A GOOD thing! MetCon LM 9 RFT 3 HSPU 6 T2B 12 BoxJ (24/20) HSPU = 15sec, T2B = 15sec, BoxJ = 1min *Pick progressions you can keep moving through Optional BuyOut “Show &… Read more »


Karen+Isabelle=Karabel Its like a two for one WOD Strength/MetCon “Karabel” 10 RFT 3 PSn (135/95) 15 WB (20/14) *1:15 per round (12:30 total cap) Optional BuyOut “ScapJacked v2”


Don’t forget to start your BINGO sheets!  (there is a Nerf gun square in there you wont want to miss)   Cardio AMRAP 18 400m SB Carry 21 Lying Toe 2 Rig *Lying knee raises, lying toe raises, lying toes… Read more »