“Murph” is coming!  Get your run on! Cardio 400m Run (TT) Rest 5min 1mi Run (TT) *Discuss plans coming down the line (20%-21% decrease in mile pace from 400m to mile) *Focus is sprint or duration Optional BuyOut “Gripped”


KettleBooty Gainz!   Strength/MetCon 3 Rounds (Weight) 5 RSw (Heavy) 10 RSw (Mod) 15 RSw (Light) *1min Rest B/N Then, Gymnastics Strength 3 Rounds 4 Ring Dips :20 Support Hold :20 Rest 4 Ring Dips :20 Catch Hold :20 Rest… Read more »


Its 2 for one, two workouts one day! All the lifts and then all the tabata Strength EMOM x 12 1 SqSn (~80%) *Can adjust weight as needed *Miss a lift? Wait for the next minute *Score = weight MetCon… Read more »