Jen M – Athlete Profile

“…I realized that I was proud of myself and that I SHOULD BE proud of myself!”

We have been fortunate in that the people we work with have completely immerse themselves in the lifestyle.  Due to this, they have seen gigantic changes in many aspects of their lives, not just the physical.

Jen is one such member and we count ourselves fortunate that we can be there to witness her journey to confidence and strength in herself and in her body.  It didn’t start that way, however:

“I struggled to bench press 10 pound dumbells and couldn’t manage more than two or three burpees without thinking that I was going to vomit and/or pass out.”

It wasn’t too long before…

“physically, I am stronger, leaner, more flexible and more balanced.  My husband no longer needs to call a buddy over to help him with the ‘manly’ projects at our house.  I not only have the strength to help, but the confidence to know that my body is strong enough to keep itself safe from injury while helping with those projects.

It is vitally important to mention that my transformation was in no way limited to the external… I have learned how to truly understand and care for my body.  For the first time, I know how my body functions and have been able to adjust my diet and habits to ensure that my body is performing at its’ best.”

“My journey is not over.  I am excited and intrigued by what I can accomplish next in my fitness journey.  Being healthy has become a way of life for me and I am eternally grateful for the hard work and support that those around me have put in to ensure that I succeed at being the very best version of me!!!”

We must say that we want to thank you, Jen.  We want to thank you both for giving us this opportunity but also for believing in your ability to accomplish what you want to accomplish.  And thanks for sharing this story with us!

It’s been exciting to watch you grow and become what you want and we look forward to where you’re headed next!

Jen enjoys being strong, or a “beast,” as her husband calls her!  🙂  Beast in the best way possible, of course!