The Best Part of Your Day

The Best Part of Your Day



So, what actually is the best hour of your day?

Is the best hour of your day spent watching TV just before bed time because you’re not required to think?

Is the best hour of your day the 30 minutes driving to work and 30 minutes driving home from work because you don’t have to talk?

Or, is the best hour of your day spent improving yourself in a fun way?


This is Your Brain on Stress

It goes without saying how much of your day is spent…

  • Worrying about making dinner
  • Worrying about money
  • Worrying about getting your kids to and from practice on time
  • Worrying about the deadline you have coming up at work
  • Worrying about your husband/wife and whether or not you’re “dating” them anymore

In other words, you have so many things in your brain, it’s a wonder how you keep any of it together!

I can’t speak for anyone else but this is how I consistently forget things and find myself with a much shorter temper than I would otherwise be…


The Best Hour of YOUR Day

I cannot tell you how many people walk in our doors and say they want to lose weight, they want to gain muscle, they want to keep up with their kids, they had a health scare, or they’re sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Maybe this is you!

And while this might be the initial driver getting you in the door, there is something else entirely which makes this step a habit…

The best part of YOUR day.

I keep saying that but what does that even mean?

Perhaps your hour in our gym:

  • Is a chance to shut your brain off
  • Is a chance to be present during a workout
  • Is a chance to spend time with your friends and talk BS
  • Is a separation from the negativity in the [social media] world
  • Is a chance to not have to plan or make a decision about a thing.  We do that for you
  • Is, perhaps most importantly, a chance to have some fun while you work on your goals!


So, What’s Your Point, Coach?

My point is this…

Your brain [and subsequent stress levels] are on all day long.  We are your exit from the normal day to day stressors you experience.

…And we aren’t even talking about all the good hormones your body releases due to exercise!

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