Why You Should Quit Working Out

Why should you quit working out?  I know, it’s not what you expected me to say as a Personal Trainer and gym owner but here we are.

Why You Should Quit Working Out?

It’s Difficult

All science aside, working out is hard.  Working out is also quite uncomfortable and [depending on your definition] can be painful.  You sweat, you breathe hard, you get sore, it takes effort, and you need to set aside the time to get into the gym.

Even if you workout outside of a gym, you still need to prioritize the time to do it.  Everything about it is an extra step in a more difficult direction!

Immediate Gratification

Let’s face it, we live in a world of immediate gratification:

  • Scrolling social media
  • Online shopping
  • App-based food delivery
  • Binge-watching streaming services like Netflix or Hulu
  • Playing video games
  • Hitting the snooze button

And that’s a pretty small cross-section.  You could come up with a dozen of your own!

Working out, and getting results, takes time.  And sometimes it takes so much time that it feels like the juice is not worth the squeeze!

Your Friends

You should probably quit working out because the friends you hang out with are asking you, “why didn’t you go out with us last night” instead of, “how are your workouts going?”

Maybe you feel obligated to spend time with them and have a hard time saying, “no” because they might stop inviting you out to things.  And, if we’re being frank about it, when you hear all the reasons why you should go out and drink on a nearly constant basis, it becomes hard to fight!


Googling “how to lose weight” gives me 2.9 billion results [as of this writing].  That’s BILLION with a B!

You could also probably ask 3 of your friends and you’d probably get 3 different answers.  But you should probably quit working out because it’s hard to know what actually works, what doesn’t, and what’s actually healthy for you.

Do This Instead

It’s Difficult

  • Understand that it is supposed to be hard and that there will never be an ideal time for doing it BUT…
    • What feels better, and gives you more reward, than doing something challenging and completing it successfully?  Go ahead and tell me, I’ll wait…
  • This also happens to be a great representation of how you can do hard things in your life
    • Life is hard..  Shouldn’t you train for it?

Immediate Gratification

  • By doing something that takes a concerted effort over time, you are developing a level of resilience and mental toughness
  • You get to learn patience, discipline, accountability, and problem solving in a practical application
    • This makes the reward of getting your results so much sweeter!
  • Not to mention, immediate gratification doesn’t solve a problem.  In fact, it probably covers the problem and makes things worse in the future

Your Friends

  • A rising tide raises all ships so it is helpful to find people to surround yourself with who are where you want to be
    • Here’s the best part:  they’ll probably be happy to help lend a hand!
  • I won’t say to alienate your current friends but I will say, “you can’t change your friends but you can change your friends”
    • Spend more time with the ones who have your best interest in mind


  • Ask someone!
    • Ask your friend who is in great shape
    • Ask a Personal Trainer or CrossFit Coach
    • Ask the Google…
      • Most of those are probably not great but you’ll find some really great things in there
      • Want some advice?  Prioritize your MAIN goal so you’re not focusing on 5 different small goals at the detriment of your main goal
    • Did I say ask a Personal Trainer or a CrossFit Coach
      • We’ve been there, we’ve done that, and we’ve trained someone through it
      • This is what we do and this is what we’re here to help you accomplish
      • Want to find some good ones to chat with?  Check out THIS LINK or email me HERE

What’s Your Point, Chris?

My point is that you actually should NOT quit working out.  You should stay the course, do the hard thing, and reap all the benefits associated with it.

And if you’re reading this and you currently don’t workout, you should start.  You should go for a walk, take a class, ask a buddy if you can join them for a workout, but do something.

And don’t forget, if you’ve got any questions, you could always set up a time to chat with one of our amazing trainers HERE

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