070815 – DU’s, yay! Or not…

How about a little throwback to my own DU’s?  Good ol’ fashioned old school cut-off shirt, too…


Keys to success with the DU’s?

Make sure you tighten up your body.  Like, really tight.  Rigid, even.  So much, you can’t really move and then whip your arms, starting from the shoulder, really fast.

…ok, do just the opposite, actually.  Whip the rope from the wrist, elbows in close, body lightly braced, stay upright, small hops, and BREATHE.

If you think about it too much and tighten up too much, guess what?  It ain’t happening.  And if it is, it ain’t happening for long.

Stay relaxed, people.  Stay relaxed.  🙂


15min to find 2RM Power Clean




10min AMRAP

10 Power Cleans (135/95)

10 Front Squats (135/95)

30 DU’s (2:1 | SU’s to DU’s)

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