3 Surefire Steps to Achieving

3 Surefire Steps to Achieving

We’ve all done it:

Set a New Year’s Resolution:  Check!

Week 1:  Check!

Week 2:  Mostly… check!

Week 3:  Well…

Week 4:  Onto the next one.

While I do believe there is a better way to get somewhere (Resolutions are probably not it), I don’t want to belittle anyone for wanting to take the initiative to make themselves better.  Instead, let me [hopefully] give you a better way:


First – Set a Goal

Jury is out on whether or not it’s better to make it SMART (specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and time oriented) or to make it 10x what you want to make it.

Think of it this way:

Do you respond better with something just a little bit out of your reach or do is the fire under your butt going to be lit when you have this BHAG (big hairy audacious goal)?

You’ve probably figured out one doesn’t work, by now.  Well?  What’s the harm in trying the other one?

Me, for instance, working in the industry I’ve worked in [for a majority of my adult life] I’ve used SMART goals.  They work for a lot of people but I’ve struggled with them.

What does light a fire under me is the 10x goals:  SMART goal?  Reach a small percentage of people in the Omaha area with our gym.  10x goal?  I want every person in the Omaha, and surrounding area, to hear about Iron Hero CrossFit.

The 10x’er lights that fire for me!

Is it going to happen?  I don’t know but I’m going to work to get there!


Second – Daily Habits

This one is simple.

Not easy.  But simple.

Find just ONE THING you can do EVERY SINGLE DAY to work toward that goal.

Does this decision fit my goal?  Yes?  Do it.

Does this decision fit my goal?  No?  Don’t.

Use your goal as your daily barometer of the types of decisions you should be making.



Third – Accountability

This one is tricky.  Different things motivate different people but there seems to be one common thread for everyone [besides their desire to achieve their goals]:


Find someone you trust.  Notice I didn’t say someone you really like (they’ll be too nice to you).  Tell them your goal.  Better yet, write them down and both of you sign it.

If they have things they want to achieve [and they do], they need to do this too.  They need to write it down and you both need to sign it.

What’s the kicker?

Decide on a dollar amount that’s motivating for each of you:  $25/day, $50/day, $250/day?  Whatever is motivating to you.


They text you picture evidence of doing that one thing EVERY SINGLE DAY by 8pm that night, you owe them nothing.


If they fail to text you picture evidence of doing that one thing EVERY SINGLE DAY by 8pm that night, you owe them that $25, that $50, or that $250.  And, most importantly, they can spend that on themselves for whatever they want.

If you feel like you will fall short in staying accountable…

You need to do this.

But don’t do it forever:  set it for a finite amount of time.  I’m currently doing mine for 2 weeks.

Put that in the contract you both sign for each other.

And most important…

If you fail to do it that way, YOU MUST SEND THEM YOUR MONEY.

Partners?  Don’t say, “oh, it’s ok you had stuff going on.”  No, hold them to that standard because it’s going to be better for them in the long run.

If you need someone to hold you accountable?  I’ll happily volunteer to hold the standard.

Remember:  Every.  Single.  Day.

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